Der Festival-Trailer 2010!

Flash ist Pflicht!

Concept and Realisation:

Lars Schmidt
Lara Smirek
Nadine Herms
Kirsi Hinze
Caroline Poischen
Sutida Vestevig

After Effects, Editing:

Lars Schmidt

Music and Sound Design:

Alexander Reime


Sven Larson
Katrin Schiller

Many thanks to

das Porträtstudio, the Koch family, Johann and Elif

In a room filled with infinite turning wheels and cogs, ideas are collected, put through the mincer and projected onto a screen shortly afterward. Parts of an exploding aeroplane turn into a flock of birds in the skies above Berlin, elephants roam the jungle and a sinister shadow lurks on the other side of a shower curtain...

Tangled and tumbling fragments of our world – created by students from the Berlin Technical Art School (btk), a private design academy in Berlin.