interfilm Festival


Freitag, 14. November 2014

Bi Nuu 22:00h EV08 30 years of interfilm Festival Anniversary Party
Babylon 1 12:30h IC01 Animated 1: On the Run
14:30h IC03 Harmony and Hell
16:30h CON03 Stand Up and Get Counted
18:30h IC07 Love, Sex and Heartbreak
20:30h IC02 Animated 2: Mind Trips
22:59h SP25 Stummfilm um Mitternacht 0 Uhr 0 Euro
Babylon 2 14:00h SP05 Stories from the Far East / Best of ShortVisions Ningbo
16:00h JPN03 JapAnimation
18:00h MSC02 Mauersegler - Different Memories
20:00h IC06 Young Blood: Wild Blood
22:00h SP15 Nightmares & Dark Tales
Babylon 3 17:00h SP01 Best of Zebra Poetry Film Festival
19:00h SP24 Music Videos: Anticon
21:00h SP16 Transitions - Experimental Shorts
Passage Kino 16:00h SP17 Bike Shorts
18:00h IC08 Ordinary Anarchy
20:00h GC01 Kein Entkommen
22:00h SP19 Queer Fever
Central Kino 15:00h NO01 On Detours
17:00h IC05 By Chance
19:00h NO03 Lost & Found - Retrospective Norwegian Shorts
21:00h IC04 Weird and Wonderful
Roter Salon 20:00h SP14 Berlin Beats
22:00h SP08 Alle Macht der Super 8
Grüner Salon 10:00h ME02 Explore Your Options. Navigating the short film market with Christian Gesell
12:00h PA02 Short Film On The Rise. Exploring the popularity of short film in media
14:30h PA03 Go short! Potentials and qualities of an underestimated art form
18:00h JPN02 Fears, Obsessions and Mutations
20:00h EV07 Konzert Usaginingen - Japan
22:00h SP22 Decibel - Music Moving Images
Babylon Oval 20:00h FT03 Beyond the Wall. Young perspectives on the German reunification.
Eiszeit 19:00h SP09 30 Years of interfilm: Grand Prix Winners