INTERFILM 37 Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
16. - 21. November 2021

Stiletto: A Pink Family Tragedy

Stiletto: A Pink Family Tragedy

Can Merdan Dogan // Deutschland, Türkei // 2021 // 17:49 min

Live Action

Hasan ist Taxifahrer in der Nachtschicht. Auf dem morgendlichen Heimweg sieht er eine Frau in Stöckelschuhen vorbeigehen. Fasziniert von ihrem Anblick, tut er etwas, das in einer Welt, in der die Grenzen des Mannseins klar umrissen sind, zu einer Katastrophe führt.

Drei Fragen an die Regie

1. Short Film has a unique way of telling stories and exploring themes. What is it that fascinates you about the short format?

Can Merdan Dogan: I don't believe any formats in the cinema. I just would like to share a story with the audience. It would be a short one or feature. From my perspective, there is no formula to share a story. But at the same time, the magical one is that as a filmmaker you have to be practical to catch the audience in a short time.

2. The program your film is selected for is called “Queer Fever": What connection do you see between your film and that title?

Can Merdan Dogan: I'm happy to be in this section because queer is against all types of identity and identity politics. Queer allow us to share our stories without labeling or any categorizing. My movie is queer because I criticized identities and the categories of identities. It is a human story, so hybrid form of storytelling that's why. I'm glad that it was noticed by the festival.

3. What film has inspried you most to make films yourself and what part of it do you see in your own work?

Can Merdan Dogan: I like Mike Leigh and Mike Nichols. Both directors have so deep connection with actors with close-up shots. They are based on theater. I studied theater as well. In my film style, close-ups so important to catch every moment of acting. I like the minimalist attitude in the cinema. I believe that less is always more. Especially Mike Leigh is a good example of that.

Cast: Murat Kilic, Nihal Yalcin

Drehbuch: Can Merdan Dogan

Kamera: Firat Lita Sozbir

Produktion: Erkan Taskiran

Regie: Can Merdan Dogan

Sales Agent: Erkan Taskiran

Schnitt: Cisem Baydar

Sound Design: Onan Karagozoglu

Art Design: Selda Durna

Special Effects: Abdullah Ercan

Sound Editing: Onan Karagozoglu

Der Film wird in folgenden Programmen gezeigt


Queer Fever

18.11.21, 20:30h, ACUD Kino

19.11.21, 22:00h, Babylon 1