INTERFILM 37 Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
16. - 21. November 2021

The Ballet of Service

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The Ballet of Service

Marlies Smeenge // Niederlande // 2020 // 14:55 min


An der International Butler Academy in Limburg lernen Menschen aus der ganzen Welt das Butlerhandwerk. Der Druck ist dabei genauso hoch wie die Ansprüche der perfektionistischen Ausbilder*innen.

Drei Fragen an die Regie

1. Short Film has a unique way of telling stories and exploring themes. What is it that fascinates you about the short format?

Marlies Smeenge: I really like being able to give and audience a small bite from a piece of the world they probably otherwise wouldn't have seen.

2. The program your film is selected for is called “Reality Bites”: What connection do you see between your film and that title?

Marlies Smeenge: I am very much inspired by how real life can sometimes be stranger than fiction. My short documentaries are therefore always a short but sweet, surprising bite from reality.

3. What film has inspried you most to make films yourself and what part of it do you see in your own work?

Marlies Smeenge: My earliest memory of watching film, is that one time I saw The Neverending Story in a small cinema room in a Childrens Toy Museum. There was nobody there and you could just walk on, pick a big fluffy red seat and watch the film as many times as you wanted. I spent all afternoon there. Not being able to read the subtitles, but just loving being taken to all the interesting and weird places the movie featured. One of the many things I love about film is how it gives you the possibility of disappearing into a different universe for a little while. I also feel like it's quite typical that the film that made the deepest impression on me is a children's film that takes you to a ton of weird and interesting places. A sense of wonder is very important in the main characters and places I pick for my documentaries.

Produktion: Dobber Bolhuis

Regie: Marlies Smeenge

Sales Agent: Dobber Bolhuis

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Reality Bites

19.11.21, 20:30h, Babylon 2

20.11.21, 21:00h, Zeiss-Großplanetarium Kino