INTERFILM 39 Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
14. - 19. November 2023

INTERFILM Awards & Winners 2023

Internationaler Wettbewerb

Eeva Lucija Mrzljak / Morten Tšinakov // Kroatia, Estonia // 2022 // 15:58 min
Berlin-Brandenburg Short Award - Best Film
6000,- €
Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

A grieving lady gives us an inside look into her world in this whimsical film with lots of funny twists that make us giggle. The feathered creatures are a lovely red line throughout the short, keeping us glued to the screen from the beginning to the end. The filmmakers have succeeded in making this beautifully stylized 2D animated short on such a high level that we were happily convinced the Berlin – Brandenburg Short Award for the Best Film worth 6.000 € cash, sponsored by Medienboard Brandenburg should go to EEVA by Lucija Mrzljak and Morten Tsinakov.
Golden Leggings Arkadii Nepytaliuk // Ukraine // 2022 // 20:00 min
Best Live Action
3.000,- € (associated use of the non-commercial educational rights for the German-speaking region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) for the film by KFW)
Katholisches Filmwerk
The prize-winning film will qualify for consideration in the
Short Film Category of the Annual Academy Awards® without
the standard theatrical run, provided that the film otherwise
complies with the Academy rules.

Set against the background of the cold war era that abruptly comes to an end, we’re zooming in on a supposedly normal day during the last hours of USSR as we knew it. The combination of audio archival, realistic locations and clever writing, make the scenes witty & sexy, with a tongue in cheek kind of humor. The convincing actors, as well as good timing draw the audience into their world fantastically. The award for best fiction worth 3.000 € cash, sponsored by Katholisches Filmwerk goes to Golden Leggings by Arkadii Nepytaliuk.

Beste Animation
The Miracle Nienke Deutz // Belgium, France, Netherlands // 2023 // 14:54 min
Best Animation
3.000,- €
SAE Institute
The prize-winning film will qualify for consideration in the
Short Film Category of the Annual Academy Awards® without
the standard theatrical run, provided that the film otherwise
complies with the Academy rules.

Belonging and the search for one’s own happiness lie at the core of this beautifully crafted animation in which a woman‘s loneliness and deep yearning for a family are in high contrast to her perfect holiday surroundings. The film's strength emanates from its meticulous and distinctive artistry seemlessly blending hand-drawn 2D animation with stop-motion techniques. For its loving character portrait, very unique animation style and sensitive storytelling, the award for best animation worth 3.000 € cash, sponsored by SAE Institue goes to „The Miracle“ by Nienke Deutz.
Heart Fruit Kim Allamand // Switzerland // 2022 // 20:00 min
Best Cinematography
Postproduction worth 10.000,- €
D-Facto Motion

From symmetrical frames that create a sense of balance to intimate and deliberate zooms, each shot is a masterfully painted canvas illuminated by stunning light. The film unfolds like a visual symphony, guiding us through a range of desires, portrayed through vibrant colors and fluid movements that seamlessly transition between emotions.  In a world that often craves color, this film stands out as a testament to the power of visual storytelling and the artistry of cinematography. The Award for best Cinematography worth 10.000 €, sponsored by D- Facto Motion, goes to Heart Fruit by Allamand Kim, cinematography by Gerber Silvio.
The Möbius Trip Simone Smith // Scottland // 2023 // 17:00 min
Best Sound Design
Ableton Live 11 Suite worth 600,- €

We are literally going on a trip in this wild ride through the middle of nowhere. The increasing disintegration of a dysfunctional family is reinforced through the masterful use of sound with a conflicting and anxiety-triggering resonance that culminates in the ultimate vociferous outburst only to be met with a sudden plunge into silence. The award for best sound, an Ableton Live 11 Suit worth 600 €, sponsored by Ableton, goes to „The Möbius Trip“ by Simone Smith.

Special Mentions:

Elham Ehsas // Afghanistan, England // 2023 // 12:49 min

In a time of uncertainty and profound challenges, this film highlights the unconventional rules affecting women's lives. It brings attention to strict laws limiting women's rights and reveals social imbalances regardless of education or social status. The film tackles a sensitive topic in a simple, non-forceful way, providing a realistic view of what it's like in a country suppressing women's rights. The jury gives it a Special Mention for its thoughtful exploration of societal challenges faced by women. The Special Mention in the International Competition Goes to "Yellow" by Ehsas Elham.

Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy
Khozy Rizal // Indonesia // 2023 // 15:00 min

Social expectations and one’s own desires don’t always match. Sometimes comedy and the power of love help us overcome our own doubts and insecurities put on by our surroundings. We applaud this filmmaker for their unconventional style and humour to challenge their society’s patriarchal stereotypes and expectations on family and togetherness. The Special Mention goes to „Basri and Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy“ by Khozy Rizal.

Confrontation Competition

Granica Joshua Neubert // Germany // 2022 // 19:45 min
1st Prize &
2.000,- €
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Fighting for refugees' rights is not only about protecting refugees, it's also about protecting ourselves and our rights. This powerful message has been delivered in a highly creative cinematic way. The first prize in the Confrontations Competition - Human Rights films worth 2000€ sponsored by the Federal Office for Civic Education goes to "Granica'' by Joshua Neubert.
Ever Since, I Have Been Flying Aylin Gökmen // Switzerland // 2023 // 18:30 min
2nd Prize
1.000,- €
Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

Wartime violence has long-term consequences for survivors and society, including post-traumatic stress that can affect generations. This film provides an intimate look from a tender portrayal of man's longing for his homeland and identity through poetic & well rounded storytelling. The Second Award in the Confrontations Competition - Human Rights films worth 1000€, sponsored by the Federal Office for Civic Education goes to "Ever Since, I Have Been Flying", by Aylin Gökme.
Sponsorship Supporting the competition

The Jury statement CON

As jury members, we have realized that all of us come from war zone areas! Myanmar, Khartoum, and Baghdad. The war experience, made us believe that there is no winner in war. That's why we agreed on what Francois Fenelon said.

''All wars are civil wars, because all men are brothers. Each one owes infinitely more to the human race than to the particular country in which he was born''.


Special Mentions:

Masego Lynia / Alfie Barker // England // 2022 // 12:28 min

The film is inspired by the many harrowing stories of Africans trying to reach the shores of Europe across its unforgiving waters and the existential traumas that lie within it. Lives are lost, and on the European border, families are torn apart forever. The European community should do more about this issue, before it is too late. One special mention in the Confrontations Competition goes to "Warm" by Masego Lynia & Alfie Barker.

Margarethe 89
Lucas Malbrun // France // 2023 // 18:00 min
The uniqueness of this film is, that it remembers some of the stories that have been kept silent in the former GDR, stories which have been forbidden to talk about. With a sharp eye on political and human rights, it reflects some of the suffering women have to endure in prisons and includes the decrease of human rights within prison walls. The second special mention in the Confrontations Competition goes to "Margarethe 89" by Lucas Malbrun, France.

Deutscher Wettbewerb

Fünfzehn Minuten Sejad Ademaj // Germany // 2022 // 13:05 min
1st Prize
1.000,- € cash
25p cine support

The undeniable rise of xenophobic and racist ideologies around the world demands that stories that confront the horrific realities migrants face in Germany be told. What begins as a normal evening at home for this Romani family descends into a rollercoaster ride of heartbreak and outrage. Visually we are in the room as this family faces the violent actions of illegal migration policy and the heavy hand of the police state leading us to the shocking conclusion that shows the toll these policies have on everyday lives. For telling a story with poignant empathy the jury would like to award the 1st prize in the German Competition of 1000€ cash, sponsored by 25p cine support to "Fünfzehn Minuten/Fifteen Minutes" directed by Sejad Afemaj.
Kafana na Balkanu (Balkan Baby) Boris Gavrilović // Germany // 2023 // 18:35 min
2nd Prize
Equipment rental worth 2.500,- €
25p cine support

This film manages to navigate identity and belonging in a subtle, layered, and entertaining manner. The skilfull camera approach reveals visually the internal tensions linked to the subject matter without being too didactic or obvious. This delicate and complex gaze reveals every moment of awkwardness, discomfort but also joyous release through the incredibly relatable main character. For those reason, the jury would like to award the second prize in the German Competition worth 2.500€ equipment rental, sponsored by 25p cine support to "Balkan, Baby" directed by Boris Gavrilović.
Indigo Mona Okulla Obua // Germany // 2022 // 16:55 min
FBW-Sonderpreis zur Förderung des besonderen Kurzfilms / Kinderkurzfilms
FBW Special Award for the Promotion of Special Short Film / Children's Short Film
FBW - Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung

Films have a way of bending time and place to transport us to realities that tell us stories and perspectives that oftentimes exist underneath the surface. This film with its intricate visual artistry and intriguing depictions of afro diasporic realities in Germany blends the mystical with the contemporary. Each frame serves as a poetic stanza rich with symbolism and the heartfelt grief of growing up disconnected from one's heritage. For transporting us through worlds with gentleness and power and the undeniable gaze showing us the beauty in Blackness the jury would like to award the FBW Special Award for the Promotion of Special Short Film / Children's Short Film FBW - Deutsche Film- und Medienbewertung to "Indigo" directed by Mona Okulla Obua.
Kafana na Balkanu (Balkan, Baby) Boris Gavrilović // Deutschland // 2023 // 18:35 min
Audience Award
1000,- € cash
+ nomination & participation in the European Short Film Audience Award (ESFAA): one of 9 films competing for the ESFAA 2024-2025 and touring 9 other European short film festivals

Special Mentions:

The Jury would like to award two special mentions to filmmakers who show incredible promise for telling daring and heartfelt stories. 

Alles gehört zu dir
Hien Nguyen // Germany // 2022 // 12:59 min

For its deeply personal and touching portal of Vietnamese-German identity. This film was an important reminder that the personal is poignant and that story is testimony. For its grounded, respectful, delicate and loving point of view, the jury would like to award a Special Mention to “Alles Gehort Zu Dir”/ “Everything is Yours” directed by Hien Nguyen.

Wilfredo Casas // Germany // 2023 // 07:03 min

This film plunges us directly into the action in the most unexpected way. Showing us the power sign language has to tell the most heart racing stories. For its commitment to exploring the nuances of the spy genre and the beauty of our gifts, the jury would like to award a Special Mention to "Forewarned", directed by Wilfredo Casas. 

Dokumentarfilm Wettbewerb

Apostles of Cinema Darragh Amelia / Gertrude Malizana / Jesse Gerard Mpango / Cece Mlay // Tansania // 2023 // 16:00 min
Best documentary film
1.000,- €

Our winner reminds us that movies are for everyone. An original, playful insight into a film industry where the community is at the center and films are interpreted in their very own and unique way in order to uplift its people. Even when the power goes out, the love for cinema continues. The Award for the Best Documentary worth 1000€, sponsored by Sooner  goes to "Apostles of Cinema" by Ajabu Ajabu.

Special Mentions:

Speech for a melting Statue
Collectif Faire-part // Belgium, Demokratische Republik Kongo // 2022 // 10:00 min

The times are changing, and old narratives are being questioned. Through beautiful spoken word poetry and the convincing combination of 1970s video material and recordings of the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, this film creates an optimistic vision for the future. In this future, monuments of brutal colonial rulers have no place anymore in our cities. A Special Mention in the Documentary Competition goes to "Speech for a melting statue" by Collectif Faire-Part from Belgium and Congo!

Little to Big
Ellinor Hallin / Ellen Fiske // Sweden // 2022 // 19:59 min

This film offers us a discreet and intimate perspective on very private conversations in which talking heads are relevant and fascinating. By showing only one side of a conversation, the film not only guarantees the anonymity of its young protagonists, but most importantly, it invites our imaginations into the beautiful and vulnerable emotional world of children. A Special Mention in the Documentary Competition goes to "Little to Big" by Ellen Fiske and Ellinor Hallin!

Green Film Competition

Eco-Hack! Brett Marty / Josh Izenberg // Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika // 2022 // 16:36 min
Best environmental film
2.000,- €
Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V.

Eject_XXIV - Die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films

Und dänn … Raphael Stalder / Leo Graf / Tanja Nuijten // Switzerland // 2022 // 02:42 min
Audience award for the weirdest & most wonderful film
1000,- €
Frey Steuerberatung

25p Local Heroes Competition

Dezember Winner 1: Kristian Kiehling with „Dezember“
2.500 €

Winner 2: Anja Hansmann with „Finde Vogel“
Winner 3: Lena Fakler with „Pissen aufs Patriarchat“

A selection of films up to ten minutes in length that were produced in Berlin and Brandenburg and are screened, discussed and awarded prizes in front of an audience and expert jury.

European Short Film Audience Award

European Short Film Audience Award Since 2019, 10 emblematic European festivals organises the European Short Film Audience Award (ESFAA): a selection of the very best European short films of last year awarded with a national audience award. After winning the favour of their national audience, 10 short films are on a quest to win the hearts of 511 million Europeans, who are invited to vote in favour of their favourite short film!

The principle is simple: 10 short films, 10 festivals, 10 audiences to charm, 10 votes, one winner chosen as the European Short Film Audience Award after a one-year tour.

Script Pitch Competition

Patricia Geula from Kenia/Portugal with ZÊZERE
Best Script Pitch
& CineSud ShortLab Training Program including 2 writers room sessions, 2 directing sessions, 1 editing and 1 distributing session(with a total value of 5.000€)

Zêzere is a poetic journey through time. As the river moves through the landscape so does Beatriz. We follow her while she experiences loss and belonging. Patricia Geula’s artistic and poetic approach and her talent for pitching the content and motivation in a grounded and confident manner impressed us as a jury. The award for the Best Script Pitch, sponsored by Cine Sud worth 2.000€ cash and in addition to that 2 writers room sessions, 2 directing sessions, 1 editing and 1 distributing session(with a total value of 5.000€) goes to Patricia Geula for Zêzere.

Special Mention:

KAMIKAZE from Christina-Kallirroi Garbi (Greece)

The special mention goes to the film Kamikazi by Christina-Kallirroi Garbi, which tells the underrepresented story of queer lesbian desire in middle age. Passionately observing and analysing society, the story of Artemis and Eva impressively tells of class differences and improvisation in times of crisis. We immediately felt the tenderness and toughness of the story, while following the honest feelings interrupted by shadow play and layers of emerging emotions.

Special Prize

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