INTERFILM 37 Internationales Kurzfilmfestival Berlin
16. - 21. November 2021


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Washing Machine

Alexandra Májová // Tschechische Republik // 2020 // 05:02 min


Ein Mann und eine Waschmaschine gehen eine Beziehung. Da wird der Besuch des Klempners schon mal Anlass für eine Beziehungskrise.

Drei Fragen an die Regie

1. Short Film has a unique way of telling stories and exploring themes. What is it that fascinates you about the short format?

Alexandra Májová: That it can be truly authored. It is a very free format, limited only by length. Which is very helpful because the director has to really think about how to tell his story in a short time. It forces him to stylize, and reduce the content to the essentials. Which was what I enjoyed most about making Washing Machine.

2. The program your film is selected for is called “Tracing Home Turf”: What connection do you see between your film and that title?

Alexandra Májová: I honestly have no idea:-) But maybe it has something to do with the fact that the story takes place at home, in the bathroom?

3. What film has inspried you most to make films yourself and what part of it do you see in your own work?

Alexandra Májová: I don't think I have one film that has inspired me to make films. But I like to watch short films in my free time . I don't even have one that would inspire me to make this particular film.But I was inspired to make the design of this film by the minimalist paintings and collages of Joan Miró and Henri Matisse.

Animation: Alexandra Májová

Drehbuch: Alexandra Májová

Kamera: Alexandra Májová

Produktion: Alexandra Májová

Regie: Alexandra Májová

Sales Agent: Alexandra Májová

Schnitt: Michal Reich

Sound Design: Jan Richtr

Sound Mixing: Jan Richtr

Art Design: Alexandra Májová

Sound Editing: Jan Richtr

Der Film wird in folgenden Programmen gezeigt


Tracing Home Turf

17.11.21, 20:00h, Babylon 1

20.11.21, 20:30h, ACUD Kino