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Submit films for our upcoming 36. interfilm festival in november - until 14 June 2020.

KUKI: Submit films 2020

Submit films until 26 Mai 2020 for our 13th festival edition in November.

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In light of recent events we have decided to stay home as much as possible. But of course you can still reach us via mail.


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Coronakino: Neighbourhood Madness

Coronakino: Home Sweet Home

Coronakino: TeenScreen! Recommended ages 12+

Coronakino: KUKI at home - Recommended ages 12+

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KUKI Trailer 2019

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Join the interfilm festival: Become a partner of the 35th festival from 5 to 10 November 2019!

Ava - Enjoy short films online

In cooperation with VÖBB and Reelport, interfilm is once again bringing short films to Berlin's libraries.

Shorts Attack

Shorts Attack's monthly short film programmes are shown in numerous cinemas throughout Germany.


Winning films of the International Competition are now Oscar®-relevant!