KUKI .17 Young Short Film Festival Berlin
3 - 10 November 2024

KUKI Solidarity-Tickets

KUKI wants all children and teenagers who enjoy watching films to have an opportunity to attend the festival. That's why we set up the "KUKI Solidarity-Tickets" campaign with Bewegliche Ziele e.V.

A donation of €100 buys 30 people tickets to a KUKI festival screening!

We're looking for businesses, office groups and individuals to donate €100 to make the festival even more accessible for financially disadvantaged school groups, families and others.

All money donated to the KUKI Solidarity-Ticket campaign directly helps people lacking in financial means attend the festival.

Unless you wish to remain anonymous, all supporters will be listed on the KUKI Festival website and given the KUKI Soli-Ticket logo to proudly present on their own website.

You can donate to support a group you know, or leave that up to us. We receive many requests for support.

Contact us if you would like to give or receive financial support. We're happy to hear from you either way!

  • email: info@kuki-berlin.com
  • telephone: (+ 49 30) 693 29 59