35th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2019
5 - 10 November 2019

Shorts with distinction

The German Film and Media Evaluation (FBW) regularly awards films with the ratings "valuable" and "particularly valuable". In this way, it provides orientation in the wide range of (short) films on offer and honors outstanding productions. In Berlin, the FBW even awards a prize twice this year, once at interfilm and once at KUKI: the FBW Special Prize for the Promotion of the Special Short Film /Children's Short Film.

Some festival pearls with distinction can already be found in the program:

Die Weite suchen
by Falks Schuster in: 30Y 03 Sehnsüchte & Hoffnungen

by Sophia Bösch and Sophie Linnenbaum in: 30Y 06 Migration & Minderheiten

by Christoph Eder and Jonas Eisenschmidt in: 30Y 06 Migration & Minderheiten

by Betina Kuntzsch in: 30Y 04 Umbrüche & Revolutionen in Europa

Die besonderen Fähigkeiten des Herrn Mahler
by Paul Philipp in: 30Y 02 Überwachung & Machtapparat

by Ewa Wikiel in: 30Y 04 Umbrüche & Revolutionen in Europa

by Nikki Schuster in: SP 03 Experiments

by Art Collective NEOZOON in: EJ Eject XXII Long Night of Weird Shorts

by Marion Kellman in: GC 02 Mind

Armed Lullaby
by Yana Ugrekhelidze in: GC 03 Soul

Die Tochter
by Alexander Lahl, Falk Schuster and Max Mönch in: GC 03 Soul

Imperial Valley (cultivated run-off)
by Lukas Marxt in: ECO 02 Urban Nature

by Christoph Sarow in: GC 03 Soul

The Beauty
by Pascal Schelbli in: ECO 01 Man & Beast

von Florian Grolig läuft bei: GC 01 Body

von Dina Velikovskaya  läuft bei: IC 02 Animated 2 - Facing It