34th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2018
Festival films online

Festival films online

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Kristian Håskjold // Denmark // 2018 // 19:00 min // Live Action // Every evening baker Erik calls the radio show “Joker of the Week” to tell his lame jokes. All contact to his family has long since disappeared, just like his sense of reality.
International Competition 3

Ben Steer // // 2017 // 06:29 min // Animation
This animation projected with light onto Styrofoam shows a woman with her child fleeing a threatening shadow.
International Competition 2

Jan Verdijk / Julia Rombout / Kurt Platvoet // Netherlands // 2017 // 08:45 min // Live Action // Ton and Ineke are sitting down for a meal when a man suddenly falls from the sky and lands in their yard. Perplexed, the couple tries to deal with the situation, each in their own way.
Internatitional Competition 9 Confrontation Human Rights

Kilian Vilim // Switzerland // 2017 // 05:29 min // Animation
An elevator operator can only ride the elevator up and down a certain number of times before the boy goes completely crazy.
International Competition 1

Alejandro Damiani // Uruguay, Mexico // 2016 // 05:00 min // Animation, Live Action
A mechanical Trump-like robot breaks through the Mexican border wall and issues a declaration of war on his enemies who fell from the sky.
International Competition 9 Confrontations Human rights / eject_XXI

Anna Mantzaris // England // 2017 // 02:21 min // Animation
Kennt ihr das, wenn man im Alltag gerne explodieren würde? Die Figuren in diesem Film geben diesem Bedürfnis nach. Denn manchmal reicht's einfach.
Winning film: eject _XXI - The long night of weird shorts

Yuval Haker // Israel // 2017 // 04:00 min // A music video that tells of sex, fear, love and intimacy and how the boundaries between feelings blur.
International Competition 7

Jeremie Becquer // Denmark // 2018 // 06:00 min // A poetry writing rat is arrested by the mouse police officers without any reason. The rat is “different” for the mice and is therefore treated with contempt.
International Competition 9 Confrontations


Sophie Linnenbaum // Germany // 2017 // 05:30 min // Live Action
Klaus has a new job. It is the best job in the world. The only problem is when his workday is over.
German Competition 2

Kristian Andrews // // 2014 // 03:14 min // Animation
A YouTube celebrity tries to cope with his heartsickness through a Let’s Play video.
eject _XXI - The long night of weird shorts

Florian Maubach // Germany // 2017 // 08:16 min // Animation // While playing cops-n-robbers with friends, Daniel realizes that he and Carla are actually playing a game of hide-n-seek as he runs off and hides.
Award winner in German Competition


Nikita Diakur // Germany // 2018 // 02:55 min // Animation, Experimental // Street fair in Marzahn: The overweight puppets are at a rave in the parking lot until the polygons start flying around.
German Competition & Eject XXI

Nils Clauss // South Korea // 2017 // 07:00 min // Documentary
The plastic dolls placed in front of stores as an attraction in South Korea ironically talk about their busy day in robotic voices. A critique of the sexualization of public space.
Documentary Competition 2

Maya Gering // France // 2018 // 07:20 min // Animation, Documentary
No one ever talks about hair loss in women. It’s a social taboo—something that this filmmaker wants to change.
Documentary Competition 1

Florian Brauch a.o. //  France // 2017 // 06:20 min // Animation
The fish have to adapt if the ocean is filled with garbage, even if it means that you have a bottle cap for a head.
Green Film Award 2

Jorik Dozy a.o.. // Indonesia // 2018 // 05:00 min // Experimental
A deep-sea diving man finds out about the polluted oceans firsthand.
Green Film Award 1

Ardalan Aram // Germany // 2016 // 03:42 min // Experimental, Live Action
Berlin’s Hermannplatz, a man on the piano, and a set of headphones: It’s more than enough to move people and bring them together.
Berlin Beats

Clement Cogitore // France // 2017 // 05:26 min // Live Action // Krump is a street dance popularized in Los Angeles focusing on energetic dance battles or sessions. This film brings together and juxtaposes urban culture with music by Rameau at the same time.
Body Talk - Dance Shorts & Choreography

Adam Stern // Canada // 2016 // 16:30 min // Live Action // An astronaut is about to to testdrive an FTL spaceship. “Faster than light” describes more than just the new speed. It also shows how uncertain things are in this dimension.
Sci-Fi Shorts - First Contact

Hugh Mitton / Kelly Naqi // Portugal // 2018 // 10:37 min // Documentary // Sculptor Emanuel Santos attempts to deal with the harsh criticism and ridicule he received for his bust of Cristiano Ronaldo—by creating a new statue.
Reality Bites

Andrew Fitzgerald // United States // 2017 // 15:00 min // Live Action
A young woman incurs the wrath of the internet after she inadvertently becomes a viral sensation.
Big Data

Laura Poitras / Henrik Moltke // United States // 2016 // 11:00 min // Documentary, Commercial Work // The huge, gray, windowless building at 33 Thomas Street, New York belongs to AT&T, the telecom giant. We hear in the background instructions from the NSA manual. How does it all fit together? - Big Data


Marion Pfaus // Germany // 2017 // 03:15 min // Experimental, Live Action // Women can be dictators, too! And that’s when you realize how ridiculous their behavior actually is.
Berlin Beats


Chloe Jackson // // 2018 // 03:53 min // Music Video // A psychedelic rollercoaster ride of converging shapes and a camera that is always moving.
Music Videos - Of Motion & Sound