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8th International Short Film Festival Berlin 1990

In 1990, due to the opening of the Berlin Wall, a particularly large number of foreign filmmakers attended the festival. For the first time, a venue in the eastern part of the city was represented with the Babylon Kino. Many performances and installations were part of the program.

From now on, the festival was organized by the Bewegliche Ziele e.V. association.


Media Monster
Stars and Strippers
Video Hurrah !
The Sex Complex
Fetuses and poets
The Ego - Program
Rural youth
Disasters in amateur film
Hammered into the brain
Direct Action
V Tape
Roman Signer
Gay night
The splendor of these days - installations performances


Free filmmakers e.V.
A. B. art e. V.
Bewegliche Ziele e.V. with the support of the Senate Department for Cultural Affairs
Asta FU
Asta TU
Friends of the German Cinematheque e.V.


Torsten Alisch
Dirk Baranek
Dagi Brundert
Michael Brynntrup
Heinz Hermanns
Khani Kahnert
Björn Melhus
Dorothee Seggewies
Steff Ulbrich
Andreas Wildfang

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