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19th Berlin International Short Film Festival 2003

From November 4 to 9, 2003, the international short film festival interfilm took place in Berlin for the 19th time. Over 300 short films and videos were shown during the six days of the festival.

From short feature films, documentaries and technically brilliant animations to art films or trash flicks, everything the medium has to offer was there: Serious, tragic and comical. And so the interfilm selection proves time and again that the cinematic short form is just as accepted and loved by the audience as its 90-minute relatives.

In addition to the festival itself, interfilm organizes monthly short film evenings at Filmkunsthaus Babylon, Kino Acud and Reingold, is represented with its selection programs at the most important international festivals and, together with Berliner Fenster, founded the highly acclaimed Going Underground Festival in January of this year, the world's first film festival in the subway, which was continued in February 2004.

We received over 3400 submissions from 77 countries in 2004, and fortunately 722 of them came from Germany alone. The films were screened by brave teams during the hottest summer in Berlin's history:

1688 feature films,709experimental films, 457 animations, 182 computer animations, 363 documentaries, 254 music video clips and 106 children's films with a total playing time of 590 hours, 13 minutes and 31 seconds. Additional short films were screened locally in Spain and Italy and at numerous festivals.

During the six days of the festival, over 400 selected short films and videos from around the world were screened in approximately 90-minute thematic programs. Prizes were awarded in the following categories: International Competition (IC), International Competition 'Confrontations - Films against Violence and Intolerance' (IC), German Competition (GC), Children's Film (CC) and the Audience Competition 'Eject VI - The Long Night of Deviant Film' (AC). For the first time, an audience award was also presented in the Italian part of the festival (IT), the 'Immaginale'. A total of 13 prizes were awarded in the various categories.

In the international competition, 82 films from 27 countries competed for the 4 short awards. For the first time there was a German Competition, which replaced the Regional Competition. For the third time, the competition program 'Confrontations - Films against Violence and Intolerance', which is very close to our hearts, took place. In addition, there was a Documentary Film Competition for the second time and further prizes for children's films. Fortunately, 'eject VI - The long night of deviant film' could again take place at the Volksbühne. The audience was invited to vote.

As country focuses we presented Spain, Great Britain, Italy and Australia. Spain has come more and more into focus as a short film country, especially in the last few years. The production quality and diversity of the films is remarkable. A large part of the films are not produced at film schools, but are produced freely and often subsidized by the state. Great Britain is already known for good, original films. In Italy, short film culture feels inadequately supported. But even there, excellent short films can be found time and again.

For the second time, the Italian film festival 'L'Immaginale', which has already existed for 6 years, took place within our festival in cooperation with the Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy. We intend to continue this in the coming years. The country focus Australia was made possible by the support of the Australian Embassy Berlin. Two programs were put together in cooperation with the St. Kilda Film Festival, the short film festival that has been held in Melbourne for 20 years and now has the largest national competition for short films in Australia (200 participating films). Another part of the program came from the 120 film submissions that reached the interfilm Festival directly from Australia.

The winners are…

Children's Film Competition KuKi
1st prize: (Zapf): Les Fables En Délire / The Delirious Tales / Fabrice Luang-Vija / France / Belgium, 2003 / 9:30min / 35mm
2nd prize (Regale): Das Lachgespenst / Ghost Without A Name / Carsten Maaz / Germany, 2003 / 14:00min / BetaSP

L'Immaginale' - Best Italian Short Film
Il Sorriso di Diana / The Smile of Diana / Luca Lucini / Italy, 2002 / 19:00min / 35mm / Feature Film

German Competition
Prize (The Work): Neulich 3 / Recently 3 / Jochen Kuhn / Germany, 2002 / 6:00min / 35mm /
Prize (Fuji + Film & Videoprint): 1 vor 2 zurück / 1 Before 2 Back / Philip Haferbusch / Germany, 2002 / 10:10min / 35mm
eject VI: (interfilm)
Case Studies from the Groat Center for Sleep Disorders / Mitchell Rose / USA, 2002 / 7:12min / BetaSP

Best Documentary: (The Work)
Omnis / Omnipotent / Gülseli-Bille Baur / Germany, 2002 / 8:59min / BetaSP

Confrontations: (Federal Agency for Civic Education)
1st prize: Ngay Gio / The Anniversary / Ham Tran / Vietnam / USA, 2003 / 28:00min / 35mm / Spielfilm+
2nd prize: The shot / Maria Schina / Greece, 2002 / 1:24min / BetaSP
Special Mention: The Day Winston NgaKambe Came To Kiel / Jasper Ahrens / Germany, 2003 / 9:20min / 35mm

Best Sound: (mainland media)
Sr. Trapo / Mr. Cloth / Raúl Diez / Spain, 2002 / 11:40min / 35mm
Special Mention: La Collection De Judicael / Judicael's Collection / Corinne Garfin / France, 2003 / 15:10min / 35mm

Best Animation: (Cine Pix)
Eternal Gaze / Sam Chen / USA, 2003 / 15:50min / 35mm
Special Mention: Tim Tom / Christel Pougeoise, Romain Segaud / France, 2002 / 4:20min / BetaSP
Special Mention: Atama Yama / Mt. Head / Yamamura Koji / Japan, 2002 / 10:00min / 35mm

Best Camera: (ARRI Berlin)
Silencio Profundo / Deep Silence / Gustavo Loza / Mexico, 2003 / 15:30min / 35mm
Special Mention: Burza / The Storm / Suzanne Allee / Poland, 2003 / 11:45min / 35mm
Special Mention: L' Homme sans Tete / The Man Without A Head / Juan Solanas / France, 2003 / 15:00min / 35mm

Best Film: (Filmboard)
Terminal / Aitzol Aramaio / Spain, 2002 / 12:00min / 35mm
Special Mention: Fast Film / Virgil Widrich / Austria / Luxembourg, 2003 / 14:00min / 35mm
Special Mention: Poveste La Scara 'C' / 'C' Block Story / Criabian Namescu / Romania, 2002 / 14:00min / 35mm