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16. Berlin International Short Film Festival 2000

In 2000, the festival took place under the theme "Lust and Mutations" in the cinemas Hackesche Höfe (1+2), the Academy of Arts, the Goethe Institute, the Tränenpalast and the gallery "Meinblau".

300 films were shown. There were four competitions, the international, the regional, the children's competition and the now legendary "Eject" night, the long night of deviant film.

Twelve prizes worth a total of over DM 30,000 were awarded.

In hundreds of short feature films, in computer animations, documentaries, animated films, video clips, advertising films and experiments, the motto was shown in all its possible variations. The number of submissions increased again: more than 1300 films and videos from 50 countries had to be screened. More films were researched at other festivals and film institutes, others were recommended by foreign curators. Now over 300 short films meet the spirit of the times in the competitions and special programs.


Lust and Mutations" continues last year's theme of "Future and Ecstasy". In the new century, man is in the process of accepting the mutation into a technological being as a challenge. Values are being renegotiated, goals are being set anew. Machines today set the standards for perfection and in the future will increasingly program our feelings, our passions and our lust. Lust is being reinvented every day. Whether physical, ideal or technically enhanced, the pleasure factor is the direct indicator of the way of life of the present. It shows man with his fears, his desires, his feelings, his power.

The competitions as well as the special programs present the contemporary themes in a multi-layered way.

Four competitions characterize this year's festival:
The international competition with 11 programs, the first-ever competition of films from the Berlin/ Brandenburg region- the "Local Heroes" - with three programs, the also new KuKi - short film children's competition with two programs and the cult and already legendary "eject night".

In the international sections, the content led to programs such as "Science & Mutation", "Urban Thrills", "Duels", "Temptations" and "Mystery Tour". An unusually large number of animations and many films dealing with violence - whether as a sarcastic statement or a serious critique of war events, the death penalty or racism - were received. Youth and age are also frequent themes, as they were last year. Many works show whimsical incidents and fantastic views of the world of today and tomorrow. In the historical programs we meet Frankenstein, whose story goes on indefinitely, the Erotic Tales tell of variations of lust more in the classical sense, and in the seminar on digital worlds one is introduced to the secrets of manipulative art with the computer.

Andreas Hahn speaks out in favor of being a mutant in his lecture, and Dietmar Dath tells us from his book about the new forms of apocalypse. Other, mostly mutant forms of pleasure stimulation can be found in the advertising films of the Cannes reel and in music videos. Australia and Norway offer an unusual range of films, from Estonia come surreal, shrill, beautiful animations. German-German fragments, the Berlin Wall period to beyond the reunification we show in the program "Berlin : Berlin". With the "Nordlichterchen" and the "Glühwürmchen" the little ones do not miss out either. They will have the chance to win two prizes. The festival shows: The short film, as an always young and dynamic medium, reflects the current social moods in many ways and covers the whole range of cinema. 30 countries are represented, 13 prizes to be won.

The mutation-joyful all-around should provide pleasurable enjoyment. An exciting festival program awaits the audience and it is time to celebrate with the many guests from Germany and abroad. We invite you to the opening, to lounges, to the children's party, to the cult of the "eject night - the long night of deviant film", to the closing party in the Tränenpalast and to the award ceremony


Animiert I
Das Grauen
Junge Träume
Mystery Tour
Animiert II
Science & Mutation
Digitale Phantasien
Regionalwettbewerb "Local Heroes"
Berlin Ultra
Liebe und andere Grausamkeiten
Strange Tales

KuKi - Shorts for Kids
KuKi - Kid Film Wettbewerb

Eject - die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films

Australien - Kreuz des Südens
Estland - Nation of Animation
Norwegen - Nordlichter

Berlin : Berlin
Deutsch-deutsche Fragmente 1956-1999

Video Ultra
Urban Thrills

Best of interfilm 1999
Zukunft & Ekstase I & II

Commercial Art
Cannesrolle 2000
Best of Music-Clips international

Erotic Tales I & II

Monster Mash

Dietmar Dath - "Skye Boat Song"

Sven Pannicke - Digitale Welten
Andreas Hahn - Mutant sein


Out of more than 1,300 film entries received from 50 countries, 100 films have been selected to compete at the inter-national level. Six prizes will be awarded:

1. Bester Film
5.000.- DM cash from SAT 1

2. Bester Film
Postproduction / Online Editing worth 5.000,- DM
from Fuji Kine Film and Film & Videoprint

3. Bester Film
2.000.- DM
cash from Inter.Net

4. Beste Cinematography
A still-shot camera worth 1.500 DM
from Foto Braune

5. Beste Animation
Transmission of 5 min. digital on 35mm. worth 7000,- DM
from Cine Pix

6. Bestes Original Concept
A three night stay for two people at the suite in the Hotel Alexander Plaza
from Hotel Alexander Plaza

Preise - Local Heroes - Regionaler Wettbewerb

Three pieces of programming featuring 20 films have been compiled out of more than 120 film initial entries originating from the Berlin/Brandenburg region. Four prizes will be awarded:

1. Local Hero
Sound processing worth 5000. DM
care of Bikini-Studios

2. Local Hero
Directing seminar worth 2000. DM
from the German Film and TV Academy, dffb

3. Local Hero
A vacation to a major European city worth 2000. DM
from Ventoura-Reisen

4. Local Hero
A kickboard worth 500. DM
from Kick Store