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21st Berlin International Short Film Festival 2005

Almost 12,000 festival visitors saw, experienced and enjoyed the entire range of the format during six festival days. A total of over 500 short films were screened in various competitions, retrospectives, country programs, special programs and lectures.

For the first time, films were seen on more than just the big screen: As the first German short film festival, interfilm offered its visitors short films to download on cell phones: For the first time this year, interfilm Berlin, BenQ Mobile and micromovie.com present the newly developed festival magazine BlueNews. which all festival visitors can download to their cell phones free of charge via a Bluetooth transmitter.

In addition, short film highlights from Poland, Sweden and Spain will be presented in the country focal points. For the first time as a separate festival, KuKi - children and youth short film festival. Other highlights include a variety of special programs.