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11th International Short Film Festival Berlin 1993

In 1993, for the first time, the festival was placed under one theme: "Science & Fiction". Seminars on the theme were offered, and the first long SF film in film history opened the festival in the observatory. Cinemas were the fsk and Eiszeit.

interfilm is dedicated to independent, experimental and unusual film and video from around the world, and has been for eleven years. At this year's festival, however, there are some innovations. For the first time, the free call for submissions had a motto: Science and Fiction. The artistic genre to which the festival provocatively refers is today subject to just as strong legitimation constraints as the two sources from which it previously drew. Hardly anyone still dreams of social utopias. The belief in scientific-technical progress has also been buried for a long time.

Is the synthesis "science fiction" a child of the past, because now science is uncontrollably, even unimaginably, ahead of fantasy? Do we really live without visions?

At the festival, you can get an idea of the dreams and fears of film and video makers for the future. We present films and videos that name topics of the third millennium and the not too distant future and approach them not only technically in the most diverse ways. More or less serious prognoses between scientific fantasy and utopian absurdities will be put up for discussion. For the first time there is a competition. Out of more than a hundred works, the jury can award prizes to three. Hopefully, all of them will provide entertainment or stimulation. Perhaps also the possibility to jump back and forth between different realities, to let time run forwards and backwards. But beware, the view into the future is fascinating and horrifying at the same time. What shines or glows there, is it heaven or hell - who knows?


Mind Bombs
The Cyber Complex
Horrorscope of Society
Snapshot Research
Dead to the Future
Off Climax
Sex and Search
Space Travels
Sundevils and Fairyqueens Frankenstein "s Grandchildren
The Golden Gate
Work, Rest and Play
In Advance of the Landing
The Sky Ship
Karlsruhe Special
Nightmares of Ecstasy
Four times future and back
The Mutabar
Movies in the bucket