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17th Berlin International Short Film Festival 2001

Volksbühne, Filmkunsthaus Babylon, Hackesche Höfe Filmtheater, Acud Kino, Urania Berlin, Volksgaststätte Zimmermann, Kaffee Burger. 

In 2001, the festival took place from November 6 to 11. Over 300 short films were shown at the 17th Berlin International Short Film Festival in 70 screenings at seven festival venues with six competitions and numerous special programs. Diverse were both the themes and the genres.

The films came from 63 countries. 117 films competed for the Short Awards in the ten thematic programs of the international competition. In addition to the classic short fiction films, many animations were again represented this year - the "Digital Fantasies" showed only computer animations, while "Animated!" reflected more traditional animated filmmaking. While the 1999 festival was dominated by the themes of childhood and youth, and 2000 by many serious and rather sinister works, at this festival we saw a trend towards shocking short films; as in the over-length program "Shocking Shorts". Other programs were also characterized by a desire for provocation and a passion for the fantastic.

The "Confrontations - Against Violence and Intolerance" competition was new. It was held for the first time and in cooperation with "Show your face!" within the international competition. Furthermore, thematic programs such as "Urban Thrills" and "Strange Tales" were shown. Dark Visions" traced visions of the future, and in "Sex and Madness" and "Love and other Disasters" the cards of eroticism, lust and whimsy were colorfully mixed.

After last year's success, the competition of the Berlin Brandenburg region, the so-called "Local Heroes" was again represented with three programs.

For the first time, interfilm organized the Ultra Shorts Internet competition at www.interfilmberlin.de: ten extremely short shorts could be rated by users. The focus was on productions from Belgium and Colombia. The children's film competition "KuKi - Shorts for Kids" again awarded prizes in two programs for short films for children by children. At "eject IV - Die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films" (eject IV - The Long Night of Offbeat Film), the audience judged almost three days of shrill, weird and beautiful films for the fourth time.

For the first time, the award ceremony of the German Short Film Award 2001 took place within the framework of our festival. The Minister of Culture, Prof. Dr. Nida-Rümelin, awarded the best of the eight nominated films with a total of 300,000 DM during the film gala.

Venues were the Filmkunsthaus Babylon, the Filmtheater Hackesche Höfe, the cinemas Urania (festival opening) and Acud as well as the Volksbühne (eject IV). Other festival events and meeting places took place at T34 (festival club/after-festival lounge) and Restaurant/Bar Zimmermann. The festival office was located at the Goethe-Institut.

Short for Kids

Children are probably the liveliest, most enthusiastic and critical audience you could wish for. That is why we are presenting the Kurze für Kinder competition for the third time and hope to be able to expand this part of the program in the coming years and find prize sponsors. Unfortunately, the three prizes to be awarded by our three-member children's jury have not yet been endowed.

Out of 25 films in the 2 programs, 24 are animations of various kinds and suitable for young and old. Hardly any film uses language. The French film "L'enfant de la Haute Mer" (The Child of the Tide) is in French, but even without being able to understand every word, simply enchantingly melancholic. The Spanish film "Dry leaves" has little language with English subtitles. The cute-absurd story of the little men who collect all the leaves in autumn, wash them, dry them, paint them and hang them back on the trees in spring is understandable even for the youngest - (or not).

The other films feature protagonists such as snowmen, rabbits, lions, monkeys, dogs and hungry buns. A shark starts to play the piano, a stone becomes a carrot, little aliens tap a cake to get their spaceship going again, a mother pigeon fights a snoring neighbor and much more...


  1. internationaler Wettbewerb – short awards    (Programmplätze incl. Wh)
    10 Programme                   

  2. regionaler Wettbewerb - Local Heroes
    3 Programme                   

  3. internationaler Wettbewerb- Kinderfilm
    2 Programme           

  4. Wettbewerb – Filme gegen Gewalt & Intoleranz
    auch Teil des int. Wettbewerbs                        

  5. internationaler Internet-Wettbewerb der Ultra Shorts         

  6. eject – die lange Nacht des abwegigen Films
      internationaler Kunst/Trashfilm – Programm
      1 Programm                     

  7. "Shocking Shorts – die Nacht des Schreckens" – kurze erschreckende Filme      

    Teil des Wettbewerbs

  8. Kurzfilme aus Belgien - in Anwesenheit zahlreicher Regisseure
    3 Programme                     

  9. Kurzfilme aus Kolumbien – vorgestellt von Diana Rico -Bogotá
    2 Programme                
10. Cannesrolle – internationale Werbefilme  - Gewinner und nominierte für Cannes
    1 Programm                

11. The Truth about the Disco Decade– defining the 70´s through commercials
historische, U.S. amerikanische Werbefilme aus den 70ern – USA vorgestellt von
Prof. Dennis Nyback- Portland - 1 Programm        
     1 Programm                     
12. Lardux
    französische Animationsfilme der Pariser Filmproduktion vorgestellt von Christian Pfohl

13. Erotic Tales – erotische Kurzfilme bekannter Regisseure u.a Bob Rafelson
     die Ziegler Filmproduktion stellt neue Kurzfilme aus der Reihe "Erotic Tales" vor 

14. Super8 Spezial – Stefan Möckel präsentiert seine Werke  
     1 Programm

15. Poetry Slam – Videos und Lesung    
     1 Programme                                   

16. Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis – Gewinner & Nominierte                
     1 Programm                                   

17. Music Clips – neue Musikvideos aus England vorgestellt von Francoise Lamy, Cinefeel – London                                            (2)

18. Best of interfilm 16
einige der besten Filme des letztjährigen Festivals

19. Best of interfilm Distribution
Kostproben des interfilm Verleihs

20. Reality Bites –
der besondere Dokumentarfilm

20. Realities
neue Kurz-Dokumentarfilme

22. Video Ultra I: Modern day dreams
internationales Videoprogramm

23. Video Ultra II: Skurrile Kostbarkeiten
internationales Videoprogramm

24. Holger Meins: Buchpräsentation & Filme
vorgestellt von Gerd Conradt


International Competition: Short Award

1. Best Film: Heap of Trouble
Steve Sullivan - Wales - 2000 - 3:44min - 35mm - Fiction

2. Best Film: Des morceaux de ma femme
Frédéric Pelle - France - 2000 - 9:42min - 35mm - Fiction

3. Best Film: The Man with the Beautiful Eyes
Jonathan Hodgson - England -  1999 -  5:38 min - 35mm - Animation

Best Camera: Wtorek
Michael Gazda - Poland - 2000 - 14:00min - 35mm - Fiction

Best Animation: Hasta Los Huesos
René Castillo - Mexico - 2000 - 11:00min - 35mm - Animation

Honourable Mention: In Absentia
The Quay Brothers - England - 2000 - 20:00min - 35mm - Animation

Honourable Mention: Einspruch II
Rolando Colla – Switzerland - 2001 - 7:00min - 35mm - Fiction

Regional Competition: Local Heroes

1. Local Hero: Für Dich mein Herz
Johannes von Gwinner - Germany - 2001 - 10:00min - 35mm - Fiction

2. Local Hero: Rhapsodia in Fish Minor
Markus Bauer,  Matthias Hoene - Germany - 2000 - 5:30min - 35mm - Animation

3. Local Hero: Berlin Taxi
Menga Huonder-Jenny - Germany - 2000 - 13:00min - 35mm - Fiction

Honourable Mention: Der Neue Hit
Andreas Samland - Germany - 2000 - 8:00min - 16mm - Fiction

Childrens Film Competition: Kid's Short Award

1. Best Childrens Film: The Shark and the Piano
Gabriele Pennacchioli - Germany - 2001 - 6:36 min - 35mm -
2. Best Childrens Film:L’enfant de la haute mer
Laetitia Gabrielli, Pierre Marteel, Mathieu Renoux, Max Tourret - France - 2000 - 7:04min - 35mm - Computeranimation

3. Best Childrens Film: Insulaires
Elie Klimis - Belgien - 2000 - 5:17min - Beta - Computeranimation