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KUKI 13 - International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth Berlin 2020


The 13th KUKI Film Festival for Children and Youth managed to produce a stupendous first-ever digital edition and streamed its 12 short film programs to more than 100 schools! KUKI transformed classrooms into festival cinemas for around 5,000 children and teenagers in schools and daycare centers all over Berlin and Brandenburg. All programs featured lively film talks and interviews with filmmakers, heaps of confetti, and the beating of a corona-pinata - making the KUKI Festival spirit really come alive.

Our colleagues are delighted that the digital version of this year's KUKI Festival was so well received by schools and kindergartens in Berlin and Brandenburg. The great number of bookings and the positive feedback prove that the KUKI spirit also thrived in classrooms and daycare centers. Unfortunately, due to the lockdown all the weekend cinema screenings for families had to be cancelled, and KUKI team members were flooded with requests for alternative family screenings. So now we are overjoyed to announce that, YES, THERE IS AN ALTERNATIVE! We convinced interfilm's streaming partner SOONER to offer KUKI's seven competition programs on interfilm.de/sooner! And by all means, they are definitely a cinematic treat for adults too!


For the unbeatable price of € 7.95, from December 7-13, you can watch seven entertaining, diverse, socially critical, thoughtful and funny international competition programs for 4-18 year olds and older!

The individual programs include engaging film talks & Q&A's with the filmmakers, as well as a curated mix of age-appropriate animations, documentaries and short fiction films. All programs for children have a German voice-over and the two teen programs feature German and English subtitles. So it's almost as if you were at a KUKI cinema screening - with the advantage that you can take a pee break whenever you like and even watch the programs on repeat if you can't get enough! There is hardly a better way to spend cosy December days indoors, right?