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KUKI .14 Young Short Film Festival Berlin 2021


14 - 28 November 2021

What a festival edition! Canceled live school screenings, yet colorful, film-filled classrooms and kitariums, and fortunately, competition programs in theaters on the weekends with plenty of spacing and good humor. This is how turbulent our festival comes to an end.

You know how hard it was for us to cancel the school screenings, so we would like to say our thickest thank you for your incredible understanding! By doing so, you made us feel that we are all pulling together as a KUKI family. In the end, we made a lot of phone calls and learned more about which teachers and educators watch the KUKI programs with their children. In this way, we have also moved closer together.

KUKI in numbers

The 14th edition of KUKI - Junges Kurzfilmfestival Berlin had 4932 viewers in the schools and daycare centers and with the families at the weekend! And with the digital programs we could also reach schools in Brandenburg, Bavaria, Lower Saxony and Hesse!

Juries and award ceremony

A special big thank you goes to the three jury classes and their teachers who put so much heart, extra time and effort into scrutinizing, discussing and deciding on two competition programs each.

This year's awards ceremony was again held online. For all those who missed it: here you can watch how our great children and youth juries and the FBW jury (including "Checker Tobi"!) decided and how they came to their decisions. For the video just click on the link and scroll down. For all of you who watched the "Look at the World" documentary program, it's definitely very exciting to find out which film won the audience award.

Also, we got soo many nice comments! Here is a small selection:

"a big thumbs up for your selection of documentaries for children this year. You guys are always very good, but this time it was exceptional. My class was thrilled."

"Dear KUKI - Team, I would like to take this opportunity today to send you a big thank you. We watched 7 documentaries of the competition "Look at the world" children from 10 years old online. (...) And thanks to your materials accompanying the films, the viewing itself and the debriefing with the children was a complete success. Great!!!"

"It's just nicer in the cinema with the filmmakers live on site." (True!)

(To Online): "It also had many advantages: I could work didactically better with the films by being temporally
I was flexible in terms of time and could also talk to the students after the individual films. For the students it was also much
easier to take notes while watching the films. "

"The films themselves and your great accompanying materials were a complete success. A big thank you to
You!!! "

"Absolutely continue!!!! Possibly tips in the credits on where to "rewatch" the films again
(e.g. families)." Let's do that!

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