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12th International Short Film Festival Berlin 1995

In 1995, the motto was "Evil & The Drive" - at fsk, Ossena, Eimer and Acud.

A digression on the subject The world seemed so simple only a few years ago: Sciences and ideologies offered world models that separated between "true" and "false" and "evil" and "good." Those days are gone. Cause-and-effect thinking has become old iron. Global catastrophe looms and the end of the contrasting political systems of the West and East fragmented the world into a web of barely transparent interests and countless newly emerging hot conflicts.

Is this the reign of the diabolos, the muddler? The end of the democratic illusion and the straining of the subject lead to a renaissance of simple ideologies and "barbaric" behaviors. In the cultural society that has overflowed its banks, extremes do not exist. Horror has become commonplace: as a violent attempt to create new points of reference in a chaotic world. But how evil is evil, if even those who "mean well" are unintentionally malicious? Who still dares to set standards and assess actions? Reason and rationality reveal their limits; does this mean at the same time a turn to the animalistic, a revival of instincts? Enough philosophizing. Let's face the new challenges: next level please. "interfilm" provides the necessary energy!

This year's program spans a daring range from crude entertainment a la "Sex, Violence and Good Humor" to classic horror stories and sophisticated documentaries. Two lectures and a seminar provide the content framework: media theorist Norbert Bolz talks about "Evil," and philosopher Gerburg Treusch-Dieter speaks on the topic of "The Drive. Allesandro Aiello deals with the representation of (filmed) death - "Sequences of Death".

Before ecstasy and sex come into their own on Saturday, things get really horrendous on Friday: the films shown on this day present horror in all its forms. Excesses, border crossings in a direct and metaphorical sense, are reserved for Sunday. The focus of the festival is, of course, the competition, for which 72 films and videos of all genres were selected from a total of 600 submitted works. The provocative diversity of the program will hopefully give rise to controversial discussions and contribute to a new, unfamiliar view of evil and the libidinous.

The international jury, consisting of Adele Eisenstein from Budapest, Paul Garrin from New York, Anne-Marie K├╝rstein from Copenhagen and Wieland Speck from Berlin, will award four prizes at the end of the festival. It will probably be difficult to choose: for evil shimmers and tempts in many guises. So: let us be seduced.


    Horror and Abomination - Gruesome Grins
    Laughter, Joy and Loneliness
    Sex Troubles
    Death and Trendy
    Familiar Nightmares
    Horror - Images of Horror
    Fairy Tales, Murders, Massacres

    Lectures and exhibitions
    Allesandro Aiello: Sequences of Death
    Prof. Norbert Bolz: Evil
    Prof. Gerburg Treusch-Dieter: The Drive
    Short films by well-known directors
    Selection Program Bela Balazs Studios
    Selection Program British Short Film Festival
    Wild Finland
    SaGA - Sarajevo Group of Authors: Man, God, the Monster
    New short films from SaGA Weininger's night
    Jan Svankmajer's Faust
    Thundercrack De Generazione
    Behind Glass
    Sex, Violence and Good Humor
    Baby, I Will Make You Sweat
    A Pink Film from Japan - An Aria On Gaze
    Selection Program interfilm 11
    Videos at the Festivalcafe Ossena
    Exhibition interfilm meets Comic Strip
    Strange Films and Sharp Music - The Bloody Vicious Bucket Night
    Sex, Jazz and War In American Cartoons