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6th International Super 8 Filmfest 1988

In 1988, with the availability of the medium of video, Super 8 film was increasingly relegated to the background as a means of artistic expression. Interfilm began to cautiously open up to other formats for the first time.


    Heartbreak Hotel
    Evelyn Goes to Bed
    Selection Program USSR
    Special program "Old Children
    Frankie in Lumberton
    Special program "Schmelz Dahin
    Selection program GDR
    Open-air event at the Nature Theater Hasenheide
    Long night of Super-8 film

Selection Program USSR

Soviet film production includes not only the official sector, the results of which, thanks to glasnost, have been shown at film festivals and in retrospectives in recent years. Outside this state or institution-sponsored scene, exists an independent and unnamed one. "CINE FANTOM"

These young filmmakers, most of whom live in Moscow or Leningrad, work under conditions that make a mockery of our no-budget concept. The non plus ultra there is not money, but relationships. Everything, from the material to the editing opportunity, is somehow organized under adverse circumstances. Even the screening rooms are improvised. They don't have their own cinema, but they do have their own living room.

This real "underground" situation, by its very nature, creates close contact between the films themselves and the audience, so that a style is formed that primarily connects in terms of content. The theme of many films is the confrontation with the old and new state and its possibilities. In a parodistic - sarcastic way, the life of Soviet society is transposed, often exaggerated in the form of a parable. Connecting and separating things become obvious.

Club founder and at the same time archivist is Moscow-based Igor Aleinikow, who has compiled a selection of Soviet Super 8, 16 mm and video films.