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3rd International Super 8 Filmfestival 1985

In 1985, Kino Eiszeit took over the organization of the festival. The festival moved to Kreuzberg.

The focus was not only on international short films but also on performances and installations.

60 (sixty!) hours of Super 8 films were submitted to the initiators of interfilm 3 for viewing.

An almost unbelievable flood of images that pressed us into the cinema seats with almost physical power. The selection we put together from this offering, 20 hours after all, documents in our 'radically subjective' view the high standard of quality of German and Berlin Super 8 film productions, although in this context I often thought of a sentence by Peter Nau, who once remarked that "real life (...) often loses its luster in such a way that you sometimes have to fill it up again with the varnish of fiction."

In addition to this selection (in which representatives of the three venues participated), we are particularly pleased to have again encountered great interest from foreign filmmakers. The programs from New York, London, France and an international program with contributions from Australia, the Netherlands and Austria bear witness to this.

We are particularly pleased and a little proud that we succeeded in presenting a program from the GDR. After contacts with official bodies had led to no result, personal contacts bore fruit and made it possible to put together a program of high artistic quality.

While Interfilm 1 was the festival organized by the filmmakers themselves, Filmstadt Berlin was the festival sponsored by official bodies (Friends of the German Cinematheque, Senate of Culture), Interfilm 3 returns to its origins.

Even without support from the 'Friends', the venues, in collaboration with the filmmakers, have managed to organize this showcase of Super 8 film. Even the small support granted by the Senate at the last minute could not close the budget gaps, so that Interfilm 3 is even more dependent on the solidarity of the filmmakers, who will probably not even receive the usual per-minute allowance. We regret this extraordinarily!

The KINO EISZEIT, already involved in lnterfilm 1 and Filmstatt Berlin, would like to make a contribution on the part of the organizers for the work with Super 8: Starting in December '85, there will be an event (initially) at 8-week intervals, where anyone can present his or her work on Super 8, 16mm and video (the presence of the filmmaker is a prerequisite, however). The "imaginary power, the originality, the directness, the political dimension, etc." of the Super 8 medium has often been discussed, but all too often the films were unfortunately not such that they could claim these predicates for themselves (which has the most diverse reasons).

In the meantime, however - and this is my personal conclusion from interfilm 3 - more and more forces are concentrating to give Super 8 film a serious place in the German film landscape. If I single out the Bielefeld production communities here, this in no way means a disparagement of the efforts elsewhere. The events initiated by Reinhard Wolf on the distribution and professionalization of S 8 will also be concerned with 'defining the place' of S 8 film. In another workshop, "Trick Possibilities in S 8 Film," Manfred Jelinski will dispel the widespread notion that single-frame switching is the only way to experiment in S 8 film.

We wish the participants in these events a lot of fun!

From the Interfilm 3 films submitted, KINO EISZEIT has put together a selection program, which will first go on a major tour (London, New York, Pittsburgh, Boston, L.A., Paris) following the festival and then be awarded by KINO EISZEIT.

At this point we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the people who supported our work on Interfilm 3! In particular we would like to thank:

Reinhard Wolf (KOB 8 film office)
Manfred lelinski Mathias Nelle (Asta FU)
Helge Leiberg Frau Koglin (film commissioner-Senate)
Association of Friends of the Villa Kreuzberg
Alf Bold (Friends of the German Cinematheque)
Jo Comino (London Film Coop)
Peggy Ahwesh (The Kitchen, New York)
Veronique Schlitz (France Program)
Monika Seeberger (dto.)

on behalf of Interfilm 3 - Wolf Mellen

Organized by Interfilm 3:
Jürgen Brüning, Frieder Butzmann, Heinz Hermanns, Wolf Mellen, Wolfgang Pause, Dorothee Seggewies and Bernd Vorjans.