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interfilm 2020

PC 01 Collective Memory and Personal History

For the very first African filmmakers, cinema was among other things a means to awaken the collective memory of the history of the African continent. As modern griots, storytellers, they challenged colonial stereotypes and transformed authentic stories and myths into images. In doing so, they aimed to communicate the fundamental values of Africa to today’s generation and those of the future. Their central objective is the mental decolonisation of the audience. In this spirit, our programme intends to direct attention to Africa and its roots, in order to reconcile Africans with themselves and the rest of the world. African films still fall short of reaching a mass audience. They are however characterised by their own distinct aesthetics, which draw inspiration from the collective memories of largely unknown peoples, exposing them to a wider audience. Director Gaston Kaboré sums it up in the following manner: “Our films represent small fragments in the reconquest of ourselves.” This artistic approach made African cinema famous the world over.

Curation & text: Alex Moussa Sawadogo

6 films