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interfilm 2020

MC 01 Florian Tippe - Sound Design for Film in Ableton Live

With Ableton Live, it has never been easier to use the computer as a musical instrument. For this reason it is appreciated and used by musicians, sound designers and artists all over the world as their preferred creative tool. Ableton has had a lasting impact on electronic music. Now it is conquering the world of film. Florian Tippe offers a look at the latest version of the software and its application to the field of sound design, with this year’s focus on creating sound for video in Ableton Live.

Presenter: Florian Tippe is sound designer and composer for film and theater. Tippe also gives live performances with video and sound installations, as well as being a certified trainer for Ableton software and hardware.

All events are free of charge and held in English. The events will take place online. The Zoom link is available by registration via interforum@interfilm.de.