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interfilm 2020

EV 01 Festival Opening

In the present moment, as we compose this text, we don’t yet know what this year’s opening will really look like in the end. To set the tone for a far too brief week of workshops, master classes, events, parties and of course loads of incredible films, we’d like to kick things off with a bang again, one that will make unboxing videos the world over dissolve into so many loose bits and bytes in embarrassment. Alas, 2020 turned out to be kind of a jerk. Thus, here we sit hoping for the best, curious how this text and the 36th edition of the International Short Film Festival Berlin will feel from the vantage point of the future. One thing is already certain though: after the somewhat exceptional opening, and in spite of Covid, Cora, Corvin and Corinna will be coming over to hang and get cosy. Where exactly is still in the stars (high above the Volksbühne), but mariners know how to find their way, n’est-ce pas?