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interfilm 2020

EV 03 Sound & Vision

Well, if you translate it into German – “Ton und Bild” – it sounds about as thrilling as yesterday’s leftover Champagne tastes, but in reality it is an audio-visual Christmas tofu roast which two words cannot even begin to encapsulate. Here, adept musicians lend recently produced short films a new, silky smooth, sonorous magic mantle, live in concert. Just as a life without visions is a life without meaning, cinema first truly becomes an overwhelming AV experience in this unique fusion of sound and image.

1. Duvnjak & Franque: Sous la glace
2. Katalog: Freeze Frame
3. Johanna Roth, Luis Schöffend & Felix Kratzer: Gunpowder
4. Klangschneider: Harry
5. Catenation: Escape Velocity
6. Toolbox Orchestra: Lynx in Town
7. Heinz Hermanns & Hard Hob: Locus
8. Durchgangszimmer: Any Instant whatever
9. Bantu Nago Jêje: Solstice

8 films