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interfilm 2020

PC 02 Dekoloniale x interfilm Short Film Walk ONLINE

In cooperation with Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City, interfilm presents the "Dekoloniale Short Film Walk" now online on: dekoloniale.de.

Why are African visitors to Berlin still asking in vain for an adequate place to commemorate the notorius “Berlin Conference”? How far was it from the Deutsche Bank Headquarters to the High Command of the Imperial Protection Force? What is the association between “M-Straße” in Berlin and the concentration camp Sachsenhausen and when did activists of African origin first demand for black representation in German parliament?
In cooperation with interfilm Festival, Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City invites you to a cinematic and digital city walk to investigate these questions more deeply. Incorporating brief historical presentations and short films on selected topics, the city walk can be taken both in digital space and in the actual district Berlin-Mitte. (Text: Dekoloniale)

/// Historical presentation: Mnyaka Sururu Mboro (Berlin Postkolonial e.V.), Christian Kopp (Dekoloniale Memory Culture in the City)
/// Voice-over film introductions: Juliane Hempel
/// Editing: Tim Formella

All films are in the original language with English subtitles. English subtitles for the historical presentation & film introductions in German will be added shortly.

----> Access the Dekoloniale x interfilm Short Film Walk via DEKOLONIALE.DE <-----

7 films